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Introducing an extensible editor

Blogr features an exceedingly intuitive interface which lets you focus on one thing: creating conten. The editor supports management of multiple blogs and allow easy manipulation of embeds such as images, videos, and Markdown. Extensiblitity with plugins and themes provide easy ways to add functionality or change the looks of a blog.

Robust content management

Flexible content management enables users to easily move through posts. Increase the usabitlity of your blog by adding customized categories, setions, formats or flow. With this functionality, you're in full control.


State of the Art Infrastructure

With reliability and speed in mind. worldwide data centers privide the backbone for ultra-fast connectivity. This is ensures your site wil load instantly, no matter whre your readers are, keeping your site competitive.

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Free, open, simple

Blogr is a free and open source application backed by a large community of helpful developers. It supports features such as code syntax highlighting, RSS feeds, social media integration, third-party commenting tools, and works seamlessly with Google Analytics. The architecture is clean and is relatively easy to learn.

Powerful tooling

Batteries included. We built a simple and straightforward CLI tool makes customization and deployment a breeze, but capable of producing even the most complicated sites.